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Five Job Search Tips from eHire

How does one find a job in today’s job market? In addition to sprucing up your resume and polishing up those wingtips, A Place of Love Resource Connection say network, network network! eHire’s Director of Business Development, Kim Bannerman, says, “The job market has evolved; candidates need to be more creative than ever to gain employers’ attention. The advice from 10 years ago no longer applies; advice to candidates should evolve as quickly as the candidates do themselves.” Check out these job tips.

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Most Underrated Jobs

Yes, we are in an economically depressed environment, and, yes, many people are unemployed, underemployed, or working a low-wage job they simply hate. Did you know there are jobs out there that not only allow you to earn a decent income ($40K – $80K) but also had a very low unemployment rate for 2010? Well, check out this article on Xfinity Finance and read what Forbes says are the 10 Most Underrated Jobs in the country.

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